A FindLaw FirmSite® is an attorney website designed and built by FindLaw and is the difference between simply having a website and website that is backed by industry-leading professionals who deal only with law firms. A FirmSite delivers a unique combination of dynamic design, compelling content and targeted traffic.

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  • An attorney site built by people who know the legal industry
  • An award-winning website design team
  • Integrated online marketing to increase traffic
  • Valuable content options to save time and money

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Not all law firm websites are created equal. While many websites for lawyers reside passively on the Internet, FirmSites have been extremely successful in winning more new clients.

FirmSites consistently appear to the right people at the right time - while they are actively searching the Internet for your type of legal help in your law firm's geographic area. High visibility can lead to more and better traffic.

SEO Title Tags appear in the tab of your browser. Search engine optimized title tags contain text and phrases that include geography and keywords to relay important information to the search engines about your FirmSite and to inform the site visitor what information is on this page. sample title tag

Once all that traffic is driven to your site, the website design component needs to rise to the challenge, giving your online visitors a positive, lasting impression of your firm. FirmSites use design to quickly distinguish your firm from other attorneys, by visually positioning your website so it's attractive and easy to navigate.