Conversion Solutions

WebChat Connect is a 24/7 online staffed chat service that enables customers to reach site visitors through the power of rapid response. It is designed to stop the shopping process, and convert engaged prospects into new business. An operator captures key issue detail, practice area and actionable contact information, allowing customers to focus on their practice and expand the reach of their Internet marketing program.

WebChat Connect supplements the firm's existing traffic-generating activities, such as search engine optimization, offering our clients more engaged prospects, better prospects, and improved firm efficiencies

Key Features of WebChat Connect

  • Chat button placement and chat window display on customer's website (or multiple websites, if applicable)
  • Optional chat button placement and chat window display on FindLaw Premium Firm Profile, FindLaw Firm Profile and Focus Pages
  • 24/7, U.S.-based operator coverage to collect prospect issue details and contact information
  • Chat transcripts delivered following chat engagement
  • Chat analytics and transcripts accessible within INSIGHT, FindLaw's Performance Analytics Dashboard

WebChat Connect includes 24-hour U.S.-based coverage, proactive chat initiations, and hosting on multiple products and FirmSites.

Key Benefits of WebChat Connect

WebChat Connect produces a greater yield from existing marketing activities. Its proactive communication engages prospects and effectively stops the client shopping experience - passive marketing becomes proactive.

WebChat Connect and other Conversion Solutions increase the quality of contacts by improving engagement and increasing customer service through immediate response, which in turn increases the likelihood of gaining new business.