Mobile Starter Layout

Mobile Starter

Mobile Essential Layout

Mobile Essential


FirmSite Mobile products can be added to new or existing FirmSites to ensure an optimized web experience is provided to site visitors. FirmSite Mobile products deliver an appropriately scaled view of the FirmSite based on the visitor's viewing device. FirmSite Mobile products enable law firms to increase the likelihood of leads/conversions, and develop their business by providing a better website experience to a growing audience of mobile users.

Mobile Starter

Included with all new FirmSites at no additional cost.

Customer's FirmSite will have two views:

  • Mobile view (for smartphones)
  • Desktop view (all other devices)

Mobile view features:

  • Template-based design and best-matched template color scheme
  • Lightweight and image-free mobile view
  • Customer access to mobile editing platform

Mobile Essential

Available add-on with custom FirmSites.

Has multiple, adaptive views:

  • Uses responsive design, which allows a web browser to render an appropriately scaled version of the FirmSite across a spectrum of device sizes
  • Robust branding across all devices - logos, tag lines, images and exact-match color schemes